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Agility, ethics and
high performance.

SuperFrio is a young, dynamic company with high investment capacity. It concentrates resources on both high quality standards and new projects that anticipate the growth of its customers.


Deliver logistics solutions to the food chain in temperature controlled environments.


To be the first option in refrigerated logistics solutions in South America, until 2023.



People and Management

Employees are SuperFrio’s biggest asset.

The company provides, in an inclusive way, solutions so that its employees can perform their work with high performance, inserting quality of life programs, training and encouraging well-being.

Code of Conduct

Through this Code of Ethics and Conduct, we translate our values and give guidelines to our conduct and professional actions, in order to ensure a transparent and harmonious relationship with shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, public and private entities, and society.

The document shows how the principles that govern our company should be applied in the practice and exercise of everyday working relationships.

We believe that our ethical posture, synthesized here, greatly contributes to the preservation of the conditions that make it possible to generate wealth in a sustainable way for our business.
Understand, practice, and multiply these principles. We count on you.