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Logistique Fair 2018 is consolidated as the second largest Fair in Brazil in the segment of logistics and multimodal cargo transport

With an audience of more than 12,000 visitors, the event brought together the main players of the sector in Joinville (SC). The 2019 edition is already confirmed for August 27-29.

The Santa Catarina market offers excellent opportunities and has enormous potential for expansion and due to its prominent role in the economy of the southern region, they allowed the debut and consolidation of this important fair for the logistics sector in Brazil. Positioned among the main GDP’s in Brazil, the state of Santa Catarina stands out mainly for its economic activities in industry, services and tourism. But the state also won the attention of the main players in Brazil for the theme of logistics. This is because the sector was the main theme of Logistique – Multimodal Logistics and Business Fair, held between 23th and 25th of October, in Joinville, northern Brazil.

The Fair had the strong presence of major players, bringing together more than 80 brands, among them Zurich Airport – controller of the operator Floripa Airport, Hamburg Süd and Aliança Navegação e Logística, Infraero, PAC Log, Porto Itapoá, Arteris – Litoral Sul, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus the event is already considered the second largest in Brazil in the segment. More than 12,000 people visited the stands and participated in the lectures over the three days of the event. According to the organization, all initial expectations have been exceeded. “The region accounts for 22% of Santa Catarina’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and accounts for 32% of exports and 26% of state imports, involving the ports of Santa Catarina – Imbituba, Itajaí and São Francisco do Sul, and the private terminals Porto Itapoá and Portonave S/A – Port Terminal Navegantes – moving a trade chain of US$ 9.404 billion, according to data recorded between January and June of this year. And it is in this scenario that Logistique consolidates itself, embracing all the players involved in the logistics process, discussing issues relevant to the growth of the sector and encouraging the generation of business”, highlights Leonardo Rinaldi, director of the event.

For the mayor of Joinville, Udo Döhler, the choice of the city to host the fair from a logistical point of view could not have occurred at a better time. “Joinville is strategically positioned next to airport ports, and is served by important highways. In view of what we find here I can say that Joinville is prepared for new editions of the event, certainly much larger than this first edition”.

The strategic location of Joinville and the potential of Santa Catarina is also highlighted by the president of the Brazilian Airport Infrastructure Company (Infraero), Antônio Claret de Oliveira. “Initiatives like this, to bring an event of logistique’s size to Joinville, opens the possibility of integration and promotion of synergy between road, port, rail and air logistics,” claret said. According to the leader, Santa Catarina has large bridges to leverage airport operations in the state that are already being promoted by Infraero.

“A large area of Santa Catarina is now underutilized by the impossibility of adequate access. We are looking to address these bottlenecks with investments in our airport infrastructure.” Among Infraero’s projects for Santa Catarina are the systematic change in the management process of the International Airport of Navegantes with the bidding of hotel and promotion center in the terminal area and also the implementation of a new structure of cargo terminals, now operated by PAC Log.

For Abralog president Pedro Moreira, events like this cause relevant issues to be discussed and pointed out by those involved, mainly shed light on infrastructure deficiencies, generated by the lack of public investments, which puts the Brazilian reality far below that in developed countries. “Brazil should invest between 4% and 5% of its GDP in infrastructure, but invests around 1%. According to executives, investments in highways, railways, ports and airports, in the interconnection of modals and in the expansion of multimodality are crucial to ensure the competitiveness of the Brazilian product. Long-term investments in logistics hubs, legal certainty and clear rules and attractive rates are also needed for those who want to invest,” he says.

The consolidation of the event as an important business platform for the sector is recognized by the sponsors Aliança and Hamburg. “Between the cabotage and long-haul modalities we operate 2,000 ship stopovers per year in southern Brazil, in six ports on the Rio Grande/Paranaguá axis, and the Santa Catarina market is considered very important for the company, where it is present in two ports and two private use terminals (TUPs), said Leonardo Silva, regional manager of aliança Navegação e Logística e Hamburg Süd.

The 2019 edition of Logistique is already confirmed for August 27th-29th at Expoville. “We have already designed the structure for a 120% increase in the number of exhibitors and left this edition with more than 90% of the renovated stands,” rinaldi points out. Logistique is organized by Zoom Feiras & Eventos, a company with more than 10 years of tradition in the Santa Catarina market.