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Notícias SuperFrio

Vera Cruz – Marília

Marília/Vera Cruz is the newest unit of SuperFrio

Inaugurated in October of this year in the City of Vera Cruz, the unit was strategically chosen as an important supply hub in the interior of São Paulo.

This installation holds the most sophisticated technology of environments with controlled temperature, being the first phase implemented with the capacity of 5,000 pallet positions in reversible cold rooms of frozen and cooled.

In this project SuperFrio had the important support of the local community and its anchor client Aurora Alimentos.
In the expansion phase SuperFrio is structured to be the leader of the Cold Market.

This inauguration of Vera Cruz is part of the growth plan that SuperFrio has been implementing in Brazil.

SuperFrio is a Refrigerated Storage Company that offers logistics solutions for the cold chain of industries and food service.
Its main customers are the main cases of producers of Proteins of Brazil, Seeds, Distributors, Exporters and importers of frozen foods for all markets in the world.

SuperFrio offers storage and distribution services for frozen, cold and dry products having a network with capillarity in the main wholesale and retail chains in Brazil.

The company is 100% National and controlled by the Pátria Investimentos group, which has great experience in training and professionalization of companies, with high investment power, which provides excellent conditions to offer the market better infrastructure options and frigorified logistics operations in Brazil.

With a corporate office in Ribeirão Preto, SuperFrio currently has a structure of 510,000 m³ of storage, being the 4th largest refrigeration company (order)in Brazil, with units in Jacareí/SP, Mairinque/SP, Vargem Grande do Sul/SP, Mogi Guaçú/SP, Arapongas/PR and Ribeirão Preto/SP.

Expanding and believing in the potential of the sector in Brazil, SuperFrio intends to inaugurate the Itapoá/SC and Londrina/PR units also in the first half of 2019, in addition to 5 other units in advanced procurement negotiations.