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New SuperFrio Logo

To mark the company’s growth momentum, SuperFrio launches its new logo for the market. More beautiful and modern, the brand created by zero11 agency, brings different color, icon and typography from the previous version.

The blue used is a cold color that refers to the refrigeration business and also symbolizes power, leadership, in addition to passing security and confidence, so important in this moment of communication transition.

The typology with a simple font, without many details and small curves follows the minimalist trend that simplifies reading and does not cause noise. Slightly italic, gives movement to the brand, everything to do with transportation.

The circular symbol, a memorable element that brings symbolic values in its action and shape, is inspired by the refrigerator propellers of a cold room, which refers directly to refrigeration. In addition, the circle also brings concepts such as stability and continuity.

The change in the logo is another action that continues this expansion plan of SuperFrio that hopes to further expand its excellence in a competitive way and strengthen the company’s business with the cold chain of Brazil.