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Notícias SuperFrio

Vera Cruz – Marília

SuperFrio arrives in Vera Cruz and expands service in the state of São Paulo

SuperFrio officially inaugurated last Tuesday, November 27th, its unit in Vera Cruz (SP), a town located in the region of Marília. The unit, which required R$ 25 million in investments, has a capacity of 38,000 m³, arranged in 5,600 positions – with pallet-door and drive-in storage modalities – has 12 docks, six chambers, three antechambers and 13 meters of ceiling height. It is worth remembering that the building serves operations of frozen, cold, air-conditioned and dry products. On site, in addition to storage, the company also offers the shuttle service.

The new logistics plant arrives to distribute products to small retailers installed in the northwest region of the state of São Paulo. The expectation is that 20 customers in the food segment will carry out their movements from Vera Cruz. According to the regional manager of SuperFrio, André Lima, when operating in its entirety the structure will move 800 tons per day, with 130 employees. These rates are expected to be reached in the second quarter of next year.

Revenue expectations are positive. Without revealing consolidated figures, Lima estimates that Vera Cruz represents between 8% and 12% of SuperFrio’s business.

There are also expansion plans. The Director of Business Development of SuperFrio, Luís Martinez, reveals that the newly inaugurated structure in the town of the interior of São Paulo allows the increase of the operational area to up to 18,000 positions. However, there are no deadlines set for expansions.
Credit: Fábio Penteado



The first company to occupy the unit, Aurora – which in this way also establishes the first consolidated operation with SuperFrio – uses the logistics operator’s structure to compose and start the second stage of its logistics restructuring project for the entire interior of São Paulo. Started three years ago by the industry, the action discontinued its own distribution center in São José do Rio Preto, but promoted the inauguration of two, in Campinas and Bebedouro.

Aurora’s Corporate Logistics Manager, Ricardo Souza, explains that the company has reevaluated the distribution network and Vera Cruz, also chosen for its geographical location, arrives to serve about 45 counties. “We are already moving 1,500 t a month, but we have the capacity to double operations,” he says. Today, the food industry occupies three chambers – frozen, cooled and dry items – in a total of 1,000 positions.

The reduction in transit time of fractional loads delivered in small retailers is already felt. “Previously, we serviced the northwest of the state in two days from Bebedouro. We improve our level of service, we have more agility in the movements and we gain a day in delivery”, he points out.

The expansion in the profile of the client served in the region is also already studied in Aurora thanks to the Unit of Vera Cruz of SuperFrio. Souza does not reveal details, but says that now it will be possible to also serve large supermarket chains, as well as wholesalers, who demand large-volume deliveries.