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Notícias SuperFrio

SuperFrio Certificação Prata Eficiência Energética

SuperFrio receives international energy efficiency certification for the Vargem Grande do Sul-SP unit

For the first time in history, a warehouse in South America receives the Silver certification of “Energy Excellence” issued by the GCCA

SuperFrio, a company controlled by Pátria Investimentos and leader of the refrigerated logistics industry in South America according to IARW, obtained the international energy efficiency certificate for the Vargem Grande do Sul unit, located in the state of São Paulo. The silver certification named “Energy Excellence” issued by the Global Cold Chain Alliance was the first in history for a refrigerated warehouse located in South America.

According to the Engineering Manager, Luis Segura, “the certification came in recognition of the good energy efficiency practices implemented in the company. An example is our energy efficiency committee, where we weekly gather strategic resources from the organization to monitor the results obtained and discuss new ideas to be even more efficient when we talk about energy consumption and sustainability. We are very proud of the silver certification, as it shows us that we are on the right path to achieve the objectives defined by the organization in our strategic planning. ”

“This certification recognizes our efforts to increase energy efficiency and reinforces a culture of operational excellence and sustainability within our modern facilities, always inspired by our Vision: To be the first option in refrigerated logistics solutions in South America, until 2023”, Francisco Moura points out, CEO of SuperFrio. SuperFrio Unit – Vargem Grande do Sul, SP

Vargem Grande do Sul-SP unit
Vargem Grande do Sul-SP unit