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How picking can speed up the efficiency of your operation

With the growing demand for efficiency in the supply chain, picking (the task of selecting and removing products from a warehouse to fulfill an order) has become increasingly crucial. This process is especially important in the refrigerated logistics market, where precision and speed are essential to maintain product quality.

But to begin with, let's understand what picking is?

Picking is a crucial step in warehouse management and distribution logistics.This is the process of selecting and collecting individual products or unit loads from inventories to fulfill a specific order. During picking, warehouse operators locate, select and remove products from shelves or storage areas, preparing them for packaging and shipping to the customer.


There are different picking methods, depending on the size of the stock, customer demand and the complexity of the products. Some of the most common picking methods include:

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Picking by Order

In this method, each order is handled individually. Operators collect the products needed for a specific order, often using data collection devices such as barcode scanners to ensure accuracy.


Lot Picking

This method involves collecting products in large quantities to fulfill several similar orders. Operators select items in batches, reducing travel time within the warehouse.

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Picking by Zone

In this method, the warehouse is divided into zones and each operator is responsible for collecting products only in their assigned zone. This improves efficiency and reduces travel time as operators do not have to travel throughout the warehouse for each order.


Wave Picking

In this method, orders are grouped into processing waves based on criteria such as location, priority, or product characteristics. Operators collect products for multiple orders at once, optimizing workflow.

Picking efficiency is essential for customer satisfaction and supply chain optimization. An accurate and fast picking process helps to avoid order errors, minimize delivery delays and maximize warehouse productivity.

With our experience in refrigerated logistics, we understand the importance of efficient picking. Using advanced technology, optimized practices and a qualified team, we are able to improve the picking process to ensure that refrigerated products are accurately selected and promptly prepared for transport ..

Understanding picking in refrigerated logistics

The picking process plays a fundamental role in warehouse management and refrigerated logistics. We, at SuperFrio, stand out in this area, offering efficient picking solutions that ensure that the right products are collected, in the correct quantities, and promptly prepared for transport.


One of the main challenges in refrigerated logistics is the need to preserve the freshness of products throughout the process. We understand the importance of this and ensure that your picking systems are designed to preserve the quality and integrity of refrigerated products.

Using advanced technology, we track every item from the moment it enters the warehouse to the moment it is selected for order. This allows for accurate inventory control, ensuring the correct products are collected. Additionally, we invest in training and development of your team to ensure that picking operators have the knowledge necessary to handle refrigerated products appropriately.

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In addition to selecting the correct products, we also focus on the efficiency of the picking process. With optimized systems and well-defined workflows, we ensure that products are collected quickly and accurately. This reduces the time needed to prepare orders and contributes to a more efficient logistics operation.


We understand that each refrigerated product is unique and requires special care. Therefore, our picking process is personalized to meet the specific needs of each customer and ensure that products are treated with the utmost care. This includes selecting appropriate packaging, using appropriate handling equipment, and complying with all safety standards and health regulations.


With us, you can trust that your products will be selected accurately and prepared for transportation efficiently.We are committed to ensuring that your customers receive products with maximum freshness, preserving quality and integrity throughout the entire logistics chain.

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Customer satisfaction

The efficiency of the picking process plays a fundamental role in customer satisfaction. When orders are correct and delivered quickly, customers are satisfied and confident in the company that supplies the products.


Efficient picking ensures that the correct products are selected, in the appropriate quantity, and prepared for shipping without delay. This minimizes order errors, avoids delivery delays and improves the overall customer experience. 

Imagine a customer who placed an order for refrigerated products for your business. When receiving the order, he expects all items to be correct and in perfect condition. If the picking process is efficient, the right products will be selected, ensuring order accuracy. Furthermore, fast picking allows the order to be prepared and shipped quickly, meeting delivery time expectations.


Customer satisfaction is fundamental to the success of any business. When customers are satisfied with their shopping experience and receive products as expected, they are more likely to return and recommend the company to others. Additionally, satisfied customers are less likely to request returns or complaints related to picking errors.


We have a proven track record of high customer satisfaction. This is partly due to the efficiency of our picking processes and the other logistics services offered. By ensuring that picking is carried out accurately and quickly, we contribute to a positive customer experience, boosting satisfaction and loyalty.


SuperFrio is your partner in efficient picking

Whether fulfilling large retail orders or small deliveries to local restaurants , we have the capacity and experience to ensure picking is done efficiently and correctly.