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Complementary Services SuperFrio

Adding value to your logistics

In the refrigerated logistics industry, efficiency and quality of services are essential to ensure that products reach their final destination with freshness and integrity. We are one of the main companies in the sector, we go beyond traditional refrigerated storage and transport. We provide our customers with a wide range of complementary services that boost their operations and add value to their supply chain. With customized solutions in palletizing, batch separation, labeling, filling, stretch film application, weighing and much more, we are committed to meeting the specific needs of each customer with agility, reliability and a high standard of excellence.


Expanding possibilities with complementary services

We understand that each customer has unique and complex demands on their logistics operations. Therefore, we invest in a range of complementary services that go beyond simple refrigerated storage and transport. Our services are designed to add value to our customers' supply chain, making their processes more efficient, reliable and aligned with best market practices.

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1. Palletization: Organization and Safety in Storage

Palletization is a fundamental step in the product storage and distribution process. We offer palletizing services that guarantee the organization and safety of products in our warehouses. Our highly trained professionals carry out palletizing according to the specifications and needs of each client, ensuring that products are stacked appropriately, minimizing the risk of damage and facilitating handling and transportation.

2. Batch Separation: Precision and Efficiency in Operations

Batch separation is a task that demands precision and efficiency to ensure that the right products reach customers at the right time. We have optimized batch separation processes that ensure accuracy in operations. With advanced technology and a dedicated team, we ensure that each order is separated and prepared for delivery quickly and reliably.

3. Labeling: Product Identification and Traceability

Labeling is essential for the identification and traceability of products at all stages of the supply chain. We offer accurate and standardized labeling services, ensuring that each product is correctly identified and can be tracked from origin to final destination. This provides greater control and security at all logistical stages.

4. Packaging: Efficiency in Product Preparation

Packaging is a critical step for liquid or semi-liquid products, requiring care and precision to avoid losses and guarantee the integrity of the contents. We have modern equipment and a highly trained team to carry out packaging efficiently and safely, meeting the specifications of each client.

5. Application of Film Stretch: Protection and Safety of Cargoes

The application of stretch film is an important technique to ensure the protection and safety of cargo during transport. We use high quality stretch film and apply the appropriate technique to ensure that products are properly packaged, avoiding damage and loss during handling and transport.

6. Weighing: Accuracy in Logistics Processes

Weighing is an essential step to ensure precision in logistics processes. We have modern and accurate weighing equipment, ensuring that each product is correctly weighed, meeting the specifications and requirements of each customer. This precision in weighing is essential to avoid billing errors and ensure compliance with cargo transport and distribution regulations.

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Our Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to excellence is what drives us to offer high standard complementary services. Our distribution centers are equipped with cutting-edge technology, respecting the particularities of each product and ensuring recovery from cold and freezing with due control and within the deadlines and demands of our customers.

Furthermore, our highly trained and experienced professionals are committed to meeting the specific needs of each client. Our team works in an integrated and collaborative manner to ensure that all complementary services are performed with agility, efficiency and quality.