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Storage with controlled temperature and humidity

Cuidando da qualidade dos alimentos

In the food industry, excellence in product quality is a non-negotiable priority. After all, customer satisfaction is closely linked to companies' ability to provide fresh, tasty, and safe food. In this scenario, storage with controlled temperature and humidity becomes a key factor in preserving the integrity of food throughout the entire logistical process.


From the moment food is harvested or produced to the time it reaches supermarket shelves or consumers' tables, every stage of the logistics chain requires strict control of storage conditions.Inappropriate variations in temperature and humidity can compromise the quality, shelf life, and safety of food, leading to significant losses for companies and undermining customer confidence.


Storage with controlled temperature and humidity aims primarily to prevent external factors from compromising the quality of food. To achieve this, refrigerated chambers and advanced control systems are used to maintain the food in ideal preservation conditions. This technology allows for the preservation of the freshness, texture, and nutritional value of products, ensuring that they reach consumers in perfect condition.

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Furthermore, proper storage also contributes to combating food waste. By controlling the storage conditions, it's possible to extend the shelf life of products.This reduces losses and increases efficiency in distribution. This not only benefits companies but also contributes to the sustainability of the food industry, by avoiding unnecessary disposal of food that is still suitable for consumption.


In the highly competitive market of the food industry, in the highly competitive market of the food industry. Those who invest in storage technologies with controlled temperature and humidity stand out for their ability to offer high-quality and fresh products to customers, earning their trust and loyalty.

We understand the relevance of this scenario and position ourselves as a strategic partner for the food sector. With consolidated experience and cutting-edge technology, we have reliable and efficient logistics solutions, ensuring excellence in the storage and distribution of products.


We therefore understand that the food industry requires special care with the quality of products, and storage with controlled temperature and humidity is the answer to preserving the integrity of food throughout the entire logistics chain. This approach guarantees customer satisfaction, strengthens companies' competitiveness and contributes to a safer and more sustainable food chain. In the search for excellence, counting on a specialized partner like us at SuperFrio is the smart choice for the success of your business in the food sector.

SuperFrio and its Experience in the Food Sector

We are a company with a solid and well-established trajectory in the refrigerated logistics market. With experience accumulated over years, we stand out as a reference when it comes to taking care of food quality. This success is the result of a deep understanding that each product has unique characteristics and requires specialized treatment.


Our team understands that perishable and sensitive foods require specific storage conditions to preserve their integrity and freshness. Therefore, we always invest in cutting-edge infrastructure and advanced technology, ensuring controlled and safe environments that meet the specific needs of each type of food.


Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art refrigeration chambers, which enable precise control of temperature and humidity in each storage environment. This allows products to be kept under ideal conditions to guarantee their quality throughout their stay in warehouses.


Furthermore, we seek to constantly improve our logistics processes to ensure maximum efficiency and safety. Our employees are highly qualified and trained to deal with sensitive foods, following strict hygiene and safety protocols.


The commitment to food quality is not limited to technology and infrastructure. We maintain a personalized approach to meet the specific demands of our clients. Each product is treated with due attention and care, ensuring that its quality is preserved until the moment of distribution.


The pursuit of excellence in food storage is what makes us a strategic partner for companies in the food sector. Our reputation is the result of our commitment to offering reliable and efficient logistics services, directly contributing to the success of customers in their operations.


By choosing us as a partner, food companies can trust that their products will be in good hands. Experience, cutting-edge infrastructure and advanced technology are just some of the differences that guarantee quality and safety in food storage.

We stand out as a reference company in the refrigerated logistics market, especially when it comes to taking care of food quality.

Our commitment to excellence, the constant search for innovation and personalized attention to products are factors that make us a strategic choice for companies that value quality and safety in their logistics.

The trust we have gained with customers is proof of our success and that we are committed to ensuring excellence in the storage of perishable and sensitive foods.

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Let’s explore more about our storage service…

Modern Infrastructure and Cutting-edge Technology

In our state-of-the-art refrigerated chambers, precise temperature and humidity control is key to preserving food quality.


We understand that each type of food has different requirements, which is why our modern infrastructure was designed to meet the specific needs of each product. Our expert team carefully adjusts temperature and humidity parameters to ensure food remains in ideal condition throughout its stay in our warehouses.


Freshness is a crucial aspect of consumer satisfaction, and our refrigerated stores are designed to keep food as fresh as when it was harvested or produced. By precisely and constantly controlling the temperature, we prevent food degradation, the proliferation of unwanted microorganisms and the loss of essential nutrients. This way, our customers can trust that their products will reach the market with their flavor and quality intact.


Furthermore , we guarantee the preservation of the nutritional value of food . We know how important it is for consumers to have access to nutrient-rich foods that meet their nutritional needs. Our refrigerated chambers provide ideal storage conditions, protecting the nutritional properties of food and ensuring that it maintains its value for the end consumer.


The advanced technology present in our facilities also allows us to constantly monitor storage environments ..


Our team is equipped with control and alarm systems that immediately alert you if there is any variation in temperature or humidity parameters. This way, we can act quickly to resolve any issues and ensure food safety.

Strict Safety and Hygiene Protocols​

Here at SuperFrio, food safety is a non-negotiable premise, and our employees are the key to ensuring excellence in this aspect.


We continually invest in the training and qualification of our team, aware that the proper handling of sensitive foods is essential to avoid any form of cross-contamination and preserve the quality and safety of the products that reach our customers.


Our employees undergo rigorous training programs, which range from basic hygiene principles to advanced knowledge on specific handling of each type of food. This includes storage, transport and packaging techniques that guarantee the preservation of the nutritional and organoleptic properties of food.


Furthermore , we adopt strict hygiene and safety protocols at all stages of the logistics process. From receiving the food to its delivery, all measures are taken to avoid any risk of contamination or deterioration.


Furthermore, we work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and ensure that our security protocols are aligned with their expectations. In this way, we establish a solid and reliable partnership, where food safety and quality are always priorities.


Our highly trained employees, along with our strict hygiene and safety protocols, allow us to offer our customers peace of mind knowing that their food is in experienced and responsible hands. Excellence in the handling and conservation of products is our priority.

Commitment to Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a mission that drives each of our actions We understand the importance of preserving the environment and, therefore, we are committed to adopting eco-efficient and sustainable practices in our refrigerated logistics. Our continuous search for more responsible solutions aims to not only reduce the environmental impact of our operations, but also contribute to a more conscious and balanced supply chain.

To achieve our sustainability objectives, we invest in advanced technologies that allow us to optimize the consumption of energy and natural resources in our logistics processes.


Our facilities are designed to maximize energy efficiency and minimize waste, ensuring that each resource is used responsibly and conscientiously.

Furthermore, we are constantly seeking more sustainable alternatives in our operations, such as the use of renewable energy sources, reducing water consumption and implementing measures for recycling and reusing materials. Every small action contributes to a big change for the environment.


We believe that environmental responsibility is not just a choice, but an obligation to ensure a more sustainable future for future generations. Our commitment goes beyond our corporate boundaries, and we seek to positively influence our partners and customers to adopt more sustainable practices in their own operations.

We also believe in the power of awareness and education about environmental issues . We promote internal actions to raise awareness among our employees about the importance of sustainability . We believe that change begins with information and engagement, and we seek to be multipliers of a more sustainable mentality.


Our efforts towards sustainability are constantly monitored and evaluated to ensure we are meeting our goals and positively impacting the environment. We are aware that the journey towards sustainability is continuous and we are committed to surpassing ourselves every day, seeking to innovate and find new ways to be more eco-efficient.

At SuperFrio, we believe that environmental responsibility is linked to our purpose as a company . Taking care of food quality goes beyond preserving the freshness and safety of products; It is also a responsibility to the planet and future generations . We are committed to doing our part and being protagonists of this transformation towards more sustainable and conscious refrigerated logistics.


With each sustainable action we take, we reinforce our commitment to our customers, partners and society in general. We are convinced that, together, we can build a greener and more harmonious future for everyone.

At SuperFrio, taking care of food quality means taking care of the future of our planet.

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Strategic Partnership for the Food Sector

We are the right choice for companies in the food sector that value quality, safety and efficiency in their logistics. Our reputation in the market is the result of our commitment to excellence and the trust gained from our customers.


Storage with controlled temperature and humidity is a crucial factor for food quality. We stand out as a specialized company committed to offering reliable, efficient and personalized logistics solutions for the food sector. Our experience, modern infrastructure, rigorous security protocols and commitment to sustainability make us a strategic choice for companies that value excellence in their logistics. Count on us to take care of the quality of your food and guarantee the satisfaction of your customers.

Do you need a storage service with controlled temperature and humidity?

We are ready to serve you.

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