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Quality is SuperFrio's strength.

Therefore, it has the best and most demanding companies and industries in the market as customers. We follow the methodology of management system norms as a guideline and we have results through the standardization of processes, efficiency, quality programs, innovation, indicators, continuous improvement, training and qualification of the team.


Quality, Health, Safety, Environment Management System

On our journey, we recognize that the success of an organization goes beyond numbers and profits; it encompasses responsibility to our employees, customers and the world around us. The QSSMA acronym encapsulates the principles that guide every step we take:


Quality: The relentless pursuit of excellence in our products and services is a non-negotiable priority. This means meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations, maintaining the highest quality standards at every step of the process.


Health: We believe that our greatest asset is the health and well-being of our employees. Our ongoing efforts are focused on creating a safe work environment, promoting the physical and mental health of all our team members.


Safety: We are committed to providing a safe workplace where every individual feels safe and confident in their daily activities. Safety is the foundation on which we build our operations and decisions.


Environment: We recognize our responsibility to preserve and protect the environment for present and future generations. We adopt sustainable practices in our processes, minimizing negative impacts and seeking ways to contribute to a healthier planet.


In our QSSMA journey, we seek continuous improvement in all these areas. We invest in innovative technologies, empower our people and integrate these principles into every aspect of our business. In doing so, we not only honor our responsibility as corporate citizens, but also strengthen our ability to more effectively serve our customers.


The operating units are registered with the Federal Inspection Service (SIF) and the National Seeds and Seedlings Registry (RENASEM), guaranteeing excellence in the quality of the warehouses and enabling greater business opportunities for customers.

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Inspections on products, vehicles and standardization of operations


Qualified Consulting

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Detailed Preventive Control Plan

Food Safety

HACCP program (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is integrated in the Quality Management System

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The HACCP program (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is integrated into the Quality Management System, which aims to ensure product safety, which is based on the requirements of the FSSC 22000 and BRC standards, both recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

An effective process of a food safety system implies the prior fulfillment of prerequisite programs followed by the analysis and identification of possible risks of contamination and dangers inherent to the products. A detailed plan is then established with preventive control measures for the effective implementation of the system, and continuous improvement is carried out through monitoring and verification by the Food Safety Team and Operational Committees. We invest in the assistance of qualified consultants who have high knowledge and innovation to achieve continuous improvement, through the development of prerequisite programs, new processes and flows with the aim of meeting current food safety standards.

We value the training and qualification of our team, ensuring all internal procedures implemented, aiming to maintain quality, safety and standardization in all activities carried out by SuperFrio, as well as the satisfaction and protection of our customers' brands.

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Process management and critical analysis of results

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Training and qualification of all staff

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Monitoring and verifying operations ensuring safe food for consumers and protecting customers' brands

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Cold quality | humidity control

The facilities are equipped with the very best in refrigeration equipment, ensuring compliance with the temperature requirements of frozen, air-conditioned and dry products through the storage chambers, preserving quality in accordance with current standards and customer expectations.

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Information Technology

SuperFrio uses the most advanced information technology, with state-of-the-art infrastructure and one of the best warehouse operations management software in the world: the WMS. It is a pioneer in technology in freezing temperatures in Brazil. It has a mesh and an efficient fractional distribution management system, integrated with ERP, TMS and customer systems. All of this enables real-time visibility, management and tracking of information about stock, status and performance of operations and deliveries.


Automated machine room


WMS system with collectors


Online access by the customer to query data