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SuperFrio is a specialist
in delivering solutions.

SuperFrio has state-of-the-art technology, strategically located units and a high level of services.

Armazenagem com temperatura e umidade controlada

storage with
controlled temperature and humidity

SuperFrio has multi-temperature chambers with high cold technology to meet customer operations of frozen, chilled, air-conditioned and dry products. It has strict quality control, in accordance with existing standards, which guarantees operational excellence and product integrity.

Exportação, importação e reinspeção

Export, import and reinspection

SuperFrio stands out as an important national refrigerated warehouse accredited by the SIF and has qualifications for the Common Market, Europe, Russia, Chile, among other main export markets.

Distribuição fracionada

fractional distribution

SuperFrio customers who use picking and crossdocking services can rely on a robust distribution network and state-of-the-art technology. An intelligent TMS system optimizes routing, load sharing and pre-defined grid service. It also interacts with the mobile tool to monitor all vehicles and deliveries with assisted reporting to the driver and customers. Everything to avoid returns and offer accurate and reliable information in real time.



It is prepared to handle complex warehouse operations, including order splitting, with D + 0 service grids. SuperFrio uses the best WMS in the world: JDA. And it has appropriate storage structures that guarantee service with accuracy, agility and high performance.

Cross Docking

Cross Docking

To meet the logistical needs of high-volume products, SuperFrio develops customized solutions for cross docking operations with the guarantee of agility, low cost and quality.



SuperFrio has a modern structure for packaging, repackaging, assembling kits and inspections under controlled temperature and humidity. Its portfolio includes major cases in the chocolate and dairy products segment, among others.

Recuperação Frio

Cold Recovery

SuperFrio has powerful machine houses that respect the particularity of each product. This allows for high performance in cold and freezing recovery, with proper control and meeting sanitary requirements within deadlines and customer demands.

Serviços Complementares


SuperFrio also provides customers with services that complement operations such as palletizing, batch separation, printing and labeling, filling, film stretch application, weighing.