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SuperFrio em parceria com a Sodexo inauguram Centro de Distribuição Offshore no Rio de Janeiro

SuperFrio in partnership with Sodexo opens Offshore Distribution Center in Rio de Janeiro

We are pleased to announce the opening of the new Offshore Distribution Center, strategically located in Rio de Janeiro. This achievement represents an extraordinary milestone, the result of innovative collaboration between SuperFrio and Sodexo, consolidating the commitment to expansion and excellence in the sector. This Offshore Distribution Center was meticulously planned and developed over 18 months, involving thorough cooperation from several teams within SuperFrio. Designed to meet the specific demands of the Offshore sector, the center operates in a highly efficient manner, guaranteeing excellence in customer service. The strategic choice of location for this center provides SuperFrio with notable agility and efficiency in meeting the needs of the sector. With cutting-edge technology and integrated systems, the center adheres to the best market practices in logistics. Rodrigo Vassiomon, CEO of SuperFrio, expressed his enthusiasm: “We are thrilled to celebrate this milestone in our trajectory. O...

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Expansão de CSC no Brasil: Entrevista da SuperFrio para o IEG

Expansion of SSC in Brazil: SuperFrio interview with IEG

In recent years, there has been a notable increase in the expansion of Shared Service Centers (CSC) in Brazil. In 2022, the country recorded an impressive growth of 100% compared to 2017 in the number of active companies, totaling around 20 million enterprises, according to the Ministry of Finance. This growth is driven by several factors, including a favorable environment for entrepreneurship, easier access to financing, government policy changes and the resilience of companies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Digitalization and technology play a crucial role in this growth, enabling online business creation and opening up previously unexplored growth opportunities. This digital transformation has not only improved operational efficiency but also enabled new business models and global market reach. Investing in continuous improvements, specialization and international expansion is strategic to attract investors and contribute to the return on investment...

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Poncho Verde agora é SuperFrio

Poncho Verde is now SuperFrio

We would like to announce that the Poncho Verde company is now SuperFrio. All services previously provided by Poncho Verde will continue to be offered normally by SuperFrio – Logística Refrigerada. SuperFrio is a company that shortens distances and constantly works to protect our customers' brands. This will also apply to your company if you are a Poncho Verde customer. If you are visiting the Poncho Verde website in search of long-distance logistics services, urban distribution and storage, you can request a quote directly through the channels below: Contact channels: Operational: Gilberto Pagotto Mobile/WhatsApp: https://wa .me/555192349960 E-mail: Sales: Jeferson Garcia Cell phone/WhatsApp: E-mail: Quotations : If you have any questions, please contact us by the means mentioned above. We thank you in advance for your attention. Team...

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