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6 SuperFrio units received international energy efficiency certification

Post Published on 03/14/22 | 4 pm


Superfrio, a company controlled by Pátria Investimentos and leader in the refrigerated logistics industry in South America, according to the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses (IARW), is proud to announce that six of its units have received international energy efficiency certification.

Energy efficiency aims to optimize the use of energy sources to reduce costs and collaborate with the environment. This means carrying out the same processes using fewer natural resources.

SuperFrio has consistently demonstrated its commitment to energy efficiency in refrigerated environments. This sets it apart as a leader in the sector, being the only company in South America to receive the “Energy Excellence” certification issued by the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA).

The GCCA's Energy Excellence Recognition program seeks to help temperature-controlled warehouse operators measure and improve energy efficiency in each of their facilities. Superfrio values sustainable development, therefore, it is an honor to be recognized and certified by the GCCA in relation to its posture and implementation of good energy efficiency practices, which resulted in the reduction of energy consumption in its units.

Units recognized and certified by the GCCA


Vargem Grande do Sul – SP

Alberto Cocozza Avenue, Mairinque – SP

Mogi-Guaçu – SP


Santos Dumont, Cascavel – PR

Rio Below, Jacareí- SP

Ribeirão Preto – SP

SuperFrio's Engineering Manager, Luis Segura, says that the certification came as recognition of good energy efficiency practices implemented in the company. An example is the implementation of the energy efficiency committee, responsible for monthly gathering the organization's strategic resources and monitoring the results obtained, in addition to holding a debate with new ideas that can lead to even greater efficiency when it comes to energy consumption and sustainability. He emphasizes that SuperFrio is very proud of the certification received, as it demonstrates that they are on the right path to achieve the objectives defined by the organization in its strategic planning.

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