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Mercoagro 2018

Mercoagro 2018 will have business sessions and opportunity panels

Are Business Sessions and Opportunity Panels the events that SEBRAE/SC will promote in partnership with the Commercial and Industrial Association of Chapecó (ACIC) during the International Trade, Processing and Internationalization of Meat Fair? Mercoagro 2018. The fair will take place from September 11th to 14th at Tancredo Neves Park in Chapecó.

The program includes four business sessions (one per day) that will be held from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm, in the Atílio Fontana Room (Yellow Pavilion). 49 companies can participate in each session. Registration is free and open to the general public.

The initiative consists of a meeting organized through a methodology that allows to know and present themselves to companies that may be customers, suppliers or partners. The sessions allow the integration of business segments of the primary, secondary or tertiary sectors, with great potential for new market opportunities. The objective is to provide opportunities for the participation of companies that act or can operate in the meat production chain.

The Opportunity Panel will bring together large companies that will present prerequisites to meet their demands, enhancing opportunities, allowing approach and negotiation with small businesses. Benefits include information exchange, increased sales volume, quick business opportunity, knowledge of potential markets and opening of new markets, partnerships and exchange at national and international level.

The program has a panel of opportunities per day, starting at 4:30 pm and lasting approximately one hour each, in the Atílio Fontana Room (Yellow Pavilion). The events will have capacity for 120 people each and are intended for exhibitors.

According to the western regional coordinator of Sebrae/SC, Enio Albérto Parmeggiani, both business sessions and opportunity panels are Sebrae solutions for access to the small business market. We held the same events in the mercoagro 2016 edition and the results exceeded expectations with the formation of new partnerships and business achievement?

Applications can be made by phone (49) 3330-2805 or email



Organized by the Commercial and Industrial Association of Chapecó (ACIC), Mercoagro will have 190 stands with 250 brands represented. The forecast is 15,000 visitors/buyers and businesses in the order of 160 million dollars. Mercoagro has Enterprise Fairs and Events in the sales and technical advisory effort, brde sponsorship and support from the City of Chapecó, Facisc, ABIA, ABPA, Chapecó and Region Convention & Visitors Bureau, Fiesc, Senai, Safetrading, Sebrae/SC, Sindicarnes, Sihrbasc, Unochapecó, Abrafrigo, Unoesc, Embrapa Pigs and Birds, Asgav/Sipargs, Ovo RS, ABIAF, Sincravesc, ITAL and Nucleovet Program.

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