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SuperFrio News

SuperFrio announces significant results in sustainability in 2020, and positions itself at the forefront of the refrigerated logistics industry with the GCCA Energy Excellence Award

The main advances in 2020 focused on reducing the consumption of water, energy and paper, in addition to less waste generation and greater planting of trees. The 5 new refrigerated logistics centers that will be inaugurated in the 1st half of 2021 will be operated with natural, F-free refrigerants

SuperFrio, a company controlled by Pátria Investimentos, leader in the refrigerated logistics industry in South America, presented a significant reduction in the consumption of water, energy and paper in 2020, among other advances such as a decrease in waste generation, an increase in the planting of trees and design of new units using natural refrigerants.

The first results of great impact focus on the consumption of water and energy, inputs that are fundamental for the proper functioning of the refrigeration system in our warehouses. Comparing the years 2019 and 2020, there was a reduction of 2% in water consumption and 10% in energy consumption at the SuperFrio units. This represents 1.5 million liters of water and 2.3 million kWh saved over the last year. International recognition for the company's efforts occurred with the certification and Energy Excellence Award given by the GCCA (Global Cold Chain Alliance) to the Vargem Grande do Sul/SP unit. It is the first and only warehouse in South America recognized by the global cold chain entity.

Another important result was the 40% reduction in the consumption of bond paper in operations, with the implementation of Blue Yonder's WMS system supported by the optimization of processes carried out in the company's warehouses. “The use of a single WMS tool, parameterized exclusively for each of our customers and the constant training of the people who run our operations, are essential for us to achieve operational excellence through digital transformation”, says Fabio Silva, Director of Company technology.

The company also achieved important results in waste disposal and tree planting. In 2020, there was a reduction of 6% in the disposal of waste to landfills and an increase of 62% in recycling. This represented 20 tons of disposed waste and 850 tons of recycling.

 Tree Day, celebrated in September, mobilized all company employees; according to Q&HSE Analyst Beatriz Smidt Celere, “We planted 67 tree seedlings in all SuperFrio units, with several lectures raising awareness about the importance of sustainable practices”.

For 2021, SuperFrio's sustainability goals are even bolder. According to Francisco Moura, CEO of SuperFrio, “We will inaugurate 5 new refrigerated logistics centers in the 1st semester, all Freon-free, using only natural refrigerants. In addition, we will certify more warehouses under the GCCA's Energy Excellence Program. The targets defined for 2021 also include a reduction of at least 5% in energy and water consumption, compared to 2020.”