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SuperFrio in partnership with Sodexo opens Offshore Distribution Center in Rio de Janeiro

We are pleased to announce the opening of the new Offshore Distribution Center, strategically located in the Rio de Janeiro. This achievement represents an extraordinary milestone, the result of innovative collaboration between SuperFrio and Sodexo, consolidating the commitment to expansion and excellence in the sector.

This one Offshore Distribution Center was meticulously planned and developed over 18 months, involving thorough cooperation from several teams within SuperFrio. Designed to meet the specific demands of the Offshore sector, the center operates highly efficiently, guaranteeing excellence in customer service.

The strategic choice of location for this center provides SuperFrio with a remarkable agility and efficiency in meeting the needs of the sector. With cutting-edge technology and integrated systems, the center adheres to the best market practices in logistics.

Rodrigo Vassiomon, CEO of SuperFrio, expressed his enthusiasm: “We are thrilled to celebrate this milestone in our journey. The new Offshore Distribution Center not only reflects our ongoing commitment to meeting our customers’ needs, but also demonstrates our determination to exceed market expectations.”

A SuperCold remains dedicated to its essential mission of shortening distances and protecting its clients' brands. This new center is a significant step in the company's evolution, enabling it to provide even more enhanced services.