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Expansion of SSC in Brazil: SuperFrio interview with IEG

In recent years, there has been a notable increase in the expansion of Shared Service Centers (CSC) in Brazil. In 2022, the country recorded an impressive growth of 100% compared to 2017 in the number of active companies, totaling around 20 million enterprises, according to the Ministry of Finance. This growth is driven by several factors, including a favorable environment for entrepreneurship, easier access to financing, government policy changes and the resilience of companies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Digitalization and technology play a crucial role in this growth, enabling the creation of online businesses and opening up previously unexplored growth opportunities. This digital transformation has not only improved operational efficiency but also enabled new business models and global market reach. Investing in continuous improvements, specialization and international expansion is strategic to attract investors and contribute to the company's return on investment (ROI) and share price. However, it is essential that this growth is planned and managed.

A SuperCold participated in a face-to-face interview with IEG (Institute of Management Engineering), represented by experts Murilo Migliorucci Controller and Manager

SuperFrio CSC Executive and Carmen Caroline Key User, to understand the company's scenario in relation to the Expansion of the CSC (Shared Service Centers), an organizational structure that works for several companies and units, standardizing processes and information, in addition to controlling their activities.

The implementation of the SSC structure began in 2018 and as new SuperFrio units were acquired, all affiliates were integrated and centralized. In 2022, with the implementation of BPMS (Business Process Management System), it was possible to increase service capacity and efficiency. 

Today the SuperCold It has 40 units spread throughout the country, with a very clear and defined methodology, adapting the strategy and level of focus according to the complexity and size of the new target. Thus, with the expertise of SSC specialists in the processes of each area, it is possible to handle multiple projects at the same time, maintaining compliance and adaptability. In this sense, however, SuperFrio's SSC experts emphasize that it is always a great challenge to equalize culture and governance for communication and alignment of changes.

In recent years, SuperFrio has achieved its expansion objectives and is expanding the scope of the CSC, absorbing activities from operational units, with promising results, but process efficiency still needs to be improved.

Murilo and Carmem inform that for this, it is important “to have a team aligned with the purpose and objectives of the company and the client, in addition to their training during the periods of integration projects, in order to avoid problems of team overload and ensure flexibility depending on the quantity and complexity of the projects.”“At SuperFrio, we firmly believe in the importance of the “People and Management” approach – a commitment to the appreciation, development and well-being of the people who shape our organization”, they highlight.

The notable growth of Shared Services Centers in Brazil is driving companies like SuperFrio to expand their presence and improve the efficiency of their processes. With a committed and specialized team, SuperFrio is on the right path to achieving its goals.

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