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Cold Logistics: understand the service provided by SuperFrio

Post Published on 03/03/22 | 4 pm


SuperFrio is a company that works with cold logistics. Do you know what that really means?

Less than three decades ago, distributors of cold products had freezer chambers that, for the most part, did not drop below -13°C and chilled ones stopped at +2°C, which, in theory, allowed the preservation of products in storage, but did not guarantee its conservation during transport between production, storage, distribution and point of sale. In these, the situation was worrying, as the conservation equipment was minimal and almost all of them were chambers for the maintenance of refrigerated goods of dubious quality. The situation was critical, but the non-requirement of an expiry date prevented consumers from realizing the risk they were running.

 From the 1990s, this reality was modified and what we see today are efficient installations, with enormous gains in the generation of cold at reduced costs. We can also mention the new techniques of verticalization of storage, the availability of efficient equipment for horizontal and vertical movement of goods.

Currently, cold logistics is used in a multiple variety of industrial sectors, involving the movement of goods in temperature-controlled environments.

What is Cold Logistics and which sectors use this service?

Cold logistics is everything that involves the movement of products, from manufacturing, loading, transport, cold storage and delivery to the final customer.

Providing reliable cold logistics service requires a wide range of equipment, in-depth knowledge of the legislation governing this type of transport, detailed knowledge of restrictions and a high degree of innovation to always remain the best service in the industry.

   Numerous sectors enjoy the benefits that hiring a cold logistics company brings. Although many people think that only the food sector uses this service, several other areas make use of cold logistics, such as:

  • Miscellaneous inputs
  • Chemical industry;
  • Pharmaceuticals;
  • Personal care and hygiene products;

In addition to these, there are still some other types of goods that also require care in refrigerated transport.

How does SuperFrio work? 

    We use the most advanced information technology, with state-of-the-art infrastructure and one of the best warehouse operations management software in the world: WMS JDA.

  With a mesh and an efficient fractional distribution management system, integrated with ERP, TMS and customer systems. All of this enables real-time visibility, management and tracking of information about stock, status and performance of operations and deliveries. In addition, our engine rooms are dimensioned to meet the adequate generation of cold and we have high quality equipment and technology.

    In order to act in the field of cold logistics in a qualified manner, SuperFrio maintains the Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility Management System, based on the technical standards of the ISO series and guided by an integrated policy. In this way, the company is able to manage its operations in a systemic way, integrating all its areas. This allows demonstrating commitment to the satisfaction of customers, employees and shareholders. Management is focused on complying with applicable legal requirements and adapting flexibility to specific customer processes and requirements.

 Our facilities are equipped with the very best in refrigeration equipment, ensuring compliance with the temperature requirements of frozen, cooled and air-conditioned products through storage chambers, preserving quality in accordance with current regulations and your expectations.

   When we talk about the food sector, SuperFrio has the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) program that is integrated in the Quality Management System, which aims to guarantee the safety of the products, which is based on the requirements of the FSSC 22000 and BRC standards. , both recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

    We know that an effective process of a food safety system implies the prior fulfillment of prerequisite programs, followed by the analysis and identification of possible risks of contamination and dangers inherent to the products. Thus, SuperFrio then establishes a detailed plan with preventive control measures for the effective implementation of the system, and continuous improvement is carried out through monitoring and verification by the Food Safety Team and Operational Committees. The company also invests in the help of qualified consultants who have high knowledge and innovation to achieve continuous improvement, through the development of prerequisite programs, new processes and flows with the aim of meeting current food safety standards.

What are the services offered by SuperFrio?

  SuperFrio has state-of-the-art technology, in addition to strategically located units. These characteristics are fundamental for the high quality of the services offered. Meet them:

Storage with controlled temperature and humidity

Have at your disposal multi-temperature chambers with high cold technology to meet your frozen, chilled, air-conditioned and dry product operations. It has strict quality control, in accordance with existing standards, which guarantees operational excellence and product integrity.

Export, import and reinspection

SuperFrio stands out as an important national cold warehouse accredited by the SIF and has qualifications for the Common Market, Europe, Russia, Chile, among other main export markets.

fractional distribution

SuperFrio customers who use picking and crossdocking services can rely on a robust distribution network and state-of-the-art technology. An intelligent TMS system optimizes routing, load sharing and pre-defined grid service. It also interacts with the mobile tool to monitor all vehicles and deliveries with assisted reporting to the driver and customers. Everything to avoid returns and offer accurate and reliable information in real time.


It is prepared to handle complex warehouse operations, including order splitting, with D + 0 service grids. SuperFrio uses the best WMS in the world: JDA. And it has appropriate storage structures that guarantee service with accuracy, agility and high performance.

Cross Docking

To meet the logistical needs of high-volume products, SuperFrio develops customized solutions for cross docking operations with the guarantee of agility, low cost and quality.


SuperFrio has a modern structure for packaging, repackaging, assembling kits and inspections at controlled temperature and humidity. Its portfolio includes major cases in the chocolate and dairy products segment, among others.

Cold Recovery

SuperFrio has powerful machine houses that respect the particularity of each product. This allows for high performance in cold recovery, with proper control and meeting sanitary requirements within deadlines and customer demands.

SuperFrio specializes in delivering solutions. What are you waiting for to get yours? Request your quote here.